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Child Custody Relocation Cases


One of the most challenging types of cases that a family law attorney can be faced with are child custody relocation cases.  These are cases where one party is attempting to move with the child, thereby relocating the child from the other parent.  In these types of cases, the law in Virginia heavily favors the child remaining with the non-relocating parent.

In order for a parent to relocate with their child, they must show that the move will not substantially negatively impact the relationship between the child and the other parent.  If the relocating parent cannot show this, then the child is not allowed to relocate.  Unfortunately, this scenario takes place very routinely in areas with heavy military populations like Hampton Roads, where servicemen and women are forced to relocate to other areas and desire to bring their children.

Clients with these types of cases need to seek experienced legal representation.  Very often it is only the skills of a person’s attorney that is the difference between a court being persuaded to allow a child to leave, or having the child be forced to remain.  The family law attorneys at Bush & Taylor have years of experience and can help you if you find yourself in this situation.