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Professional. Responsive. Caring.

Bush & Taylor, P.C. has been providing effective and aggressive representation to individuals throughout Virginia for years. As a result, we became deeply familiar with our practice areas, and we helped countless clients successfully achieve their goals. We can assist you, too. To learn more about how we served our past clients and what they have to say about us, feel free to read their testimonials here. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to us today at (757) 926-0078 and schedule a free consultation.

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  • It was an easy decision in choosing Mr. Bush to represent us.
    When we were looking for an attorney Mr. Bush's office was the first to contact us back and we quickly scheduled a meeting. Mr. Bush seemed very knowledgeable about family law and took the time to thoroughly explain the custody process. It was an easy decision in choosing Mr. Bush to represent us. Regardless of the day or time, he was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had throughout our case. Although, at times we did feel like the conversations were a little rushed. We would like to say thank you for handling our case with such professionalism. We would also like to say a big thank you to Mr. Bouchard for stepping in for what we thought was to schedule a custody hearing and ended up walking out with our case closed. Mr. Bouchard did an outstanding job in getting us exactly what we wanted. He even took the time afterward to thoroughly explain the results and address any other concerns we had. If we ever need an attorney again, we will definitely reach out to the attorneys of Bush and Taylor.

    - Davena

  • On top of things
    Brandon Mathews was awesome. I been working with him for a few months now. Brandon and his team stayed on top of thing as well as kept me informed. They were very responsive when I had questions. I hope I never have to use a lawyer again but if I do I'll be calling him back.

    - Jeremiah

  • It gets no better than Justin Bush.
    We have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Bush before, so when my son had a car accident and was bogusly charged with a hit and run and property damage, we immediately called Justin Bush. Mr. Bush showed up to court and took control of the situation. He argued my son's case, countered an officer's assertions, and convinced the judge that my son's case should be dismissed. Mr. Bush is an awesome trial attorney. I am thoroughly impressed with his expertise. I highly recommend Justin Bush, if you need a lawyer.

    - Erika C.

  • Mr. Bush dealt with the stress so I didn't have to.
    Mr. Bush and his assistants helped ease the stress I was under while going through an unnecessarily long and hostile divorce. While I was in the middle of both a career change and an out of state move, Mr. Bush kept me informed and explained each step of the process. His constant communication ensured I understood every potential outcome and was able to make the best decisions for myself. I appreciate all of the time and effort that was spent to help me successfully move on with my life. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone who wants to ensure a favorable outcome for their situation.

    - Sharon H.

  • Mr. Taylor is a Pro!
    From our first meeting with Mr. Taylor he reassured us with his knowledge of our case, the questions he asked to clarify points and the engagement he had to understand the personal nature of the outcome. In his clam, reassuring voice he explained what would be coming up and the possible outcomes. The end result was the ‘best case’, which was wonderful! He removed a barrier that opens up a great path forward. Thank you, Mr. Taylor!

    - Mark B.

  • Mr. Taylor is Excellent!
    From my first meeting through my session in court, Mr. Taylor was professional, personable, and thorough. He explained everything in a way I could follow, every step of the way. He was more than prepared for the court discussions that resulted in the best outcome for moving my life forward. He is my #1 recommendation for legal counsel you would want on your side.

    - Bob B.

  • I Respect those that tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is.
    I have know Mr. Fred Taylor since he was a teen. I have watched him grow into a wonderful young man. He is now an exceptional Lawyer. My husband and I have used him for his services and asked for advice several times and have always come out on top making the right choice with Bush & Taylor, PC. Mr. Taylor is proficient, detailed, and on point every time. He will tell you what he needs to get the job done and is in constant communication informing you of the process and progression of your case. With his honesty and high expectations of getting the job done, we will continue to use his service and highly recommend Mr. Taylor and Bush and Taylor Law firm to others. Thank you for a job well done Bush and Taylor, PC.

    - Mrs. D

  • After the dark, there is light.
    Fred Taylor has been my lawyer for years. My ex-wife has gone out of her way to take away all of my rights to see my kids and get as much as she can out of me for child support. With Fred's help, my child support is lower, I have more rights with my children, and my ex-wife thinks twice about taking me to court on baseless accusations. I'm not saying Fred is an amazing lawyer, but I'm pretty sure he walks on water.

    - Rafael S.

  • Aggressive doesn't speak loud enough!
    I hired Mr. Bush to handle my son's case and felt very confident from the get go that everything would have a favorable outcome. My first contact was a Friday evening voicemail and he called me promptly on Saturday morning. I knew then I made a great decision to hire him. He fought hard to have the case dismissed and it was. Per my son" Mr. Bush is very helpful and goes out for the win!". I would highly recommend him anytime! Thank you!

    - Arleen Tisdale

  • Fred Taylor helped me at an extreme low in my life and achieved a successful outcome for multiple criminal matters I was facing. A very talented attorney in and out of the courtroom, who I wholeheartedly recommend.

    - Previous Client

  • Mr. Bush helped me resolve a difficult custody battle. Mr. Bush was professional and thorough in showing me my options and preparing my case. In the trial, he was determined to present the best case possible. Mr. Bush put me in the best position possible and I won my case. I cannot recommend Mr. Bush and the Bush and Taylor Law Firm Staff enough. Everyone is compassionate and professional. Excellent Lawyer!!!!!

    - Sara J.

  • I was so worried and stressed about my situation, being accused of an act I would never commit. It caused me many sleepless, stressful nights. I'm so thankful I called Bush & Taylor, from the moment I spoke to Mr. Bush I was confident that I made the right choice. Words can not describe how awesome Mr. Bush was in court, how prepared he was, and how he handled the whole situation. He really does care about his clients. If you need a lawyer, this is the firm you want representing you. Once again words really can't explain it. Thank you so much.

    - Charles H.

  • My name is Melody Winborne and I had the pleasure of having Mr. Brandon Wilder, Esq. represent me over the last 6 months! He has been so great responding to all questions, emails, phone calls, court documents, etc. We had a long distance relationship in dealing with my case in which he showed up for me in court without my presence in representation on occasion. The communication was always open and I never felt like he didn't put my feelings or concerns first. My experience was overall successful, trust me if I ever need legal representation again I would and will definitely choose Bush & Taylor but of course my favorite lawyer Mr. Brandon Wilder, Esq. Thank you so much for what you've done for my family and me.

    P.S. Thanks to all the staff who sent messages to Mr. Wilder when I called and he wasn't in office and who helped out with the small concerns that I may have had.

    Respectfully Yours,
    Melody Winborne

    - Melody W.

  • Mr. Bush is one hell of a trial attorney. He is everything you would expect from consul in the legal process from commencement of filing to trial. Don't be mistaken, he is seasoned and extremely well prepared. Even had to re-educate the judge on the law. Wonderfully responsive staff as well. I strongly recommend him and his staff.

    - Paul T.

  • My son was ticketed for a reckless driving charge a few months ago. I immediately contacted the office of Bush & Taylor and received a direct return call from Mr. Bush within five minutes. Mr. Bush quickly walked me through the legal process for this charge and reassured me, based on my son's circumstances, that he would be able to represent my son. Mr. Bush gave us some things we needed to get done before our court date which we complied. His office handled the court date arrangements and dealt with our questions in a prompt and friendly manner.
    The day of court, Mr. Bush met us early, went over the case with us along with giving us what he expected the outcome to be. Once in the courtroom, he told my son exactly what to do so that there were no questions on his part. When the judge called the case, Mr. Bush did most of the talking and ensured all the facts were presented to the Judge. Based on the case and Mr. Bush's keen legal abilities, the Judge dismissed the case altogether.
    Mr. Bush is THE person you should desire to represent you in traffic cases. I'm sure he also does criminal cases, too. Either way, Mr. Bush exudes confidence and is cool, calm, and collected. He knows the Suffolk legal system and personnel inside and out which makes a significant difference. I'd recommend him to anyone in a similar situation. His fees are very competitive and it is money WELL SPENT!

    - Jack M.

  • I worked with attorney Justin Bush, who was very helpful, professional and compassionate with my legal matter. He answered my questions very thoroughly and always responded to me in a timely manner. I would recommend him to a family member or friend.

    - Sierra J.

  • My experience with Bush & Taylor Law Firm was great!! This was my first time hiring a lawyer and Mr. Bush was patient and very knowledgeable with all of the questions I had for him. It was a smooth and easy process! Also, thank you to their amazing staff as well!

    - Lindsey H.

  • My husband and I were thrilled with the outcome of our case. Thank you, Justin.

    - Carol M.

  • Excellent personal service, attention to detail and everything you should expect from a law firm. I hope to send them as many referrals as possible.

    - Brian S.

  • I just spoke with Brandon Matthews about a family law matter and he was absolutely amazing. He answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable. He really seemed to know his stuff! He was very down-to-Earth and made me feel like he really cared about what I had to say. If you need any help I would definitely recommend calling and asking for him! I plan on working with him in the future.

    - Lanie S.

  • I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Mr. Bush. I sought his help with a complicated separation/divorce and child custody case and he achieved the best possible outcome. It proved to be a lengthy and complex case and his guidance and expertise were unfailing. He is not only an extremely good lawyer but also an individual with ethics and character. I will not go to any other lawyer.

    - Valerie

  • Reckless driving charge. Seemed knowledgeable. Prepared me well and kept me confident. Most notable was the ease of communication between us. I would reach out to them again if needed.

    - Michael

  • I am very grateful to Mr. Bush for the outcome and for his guidance and handling of my situation. I cannot say enough good things about not only his legal expertise but also his ethics and character. I will not go to any other lawyer.

    - Valerie T.

  • I was charged with a misdemeanor of trespassing that I felt was not deserved. I was an emotional mess and did not know how I would face seeing the person who charged me in court after experiencing a bad situation with him. The whole ordeal was a complicated situation and Fred Taylor was very kind and made sure my family and I understood everything that would be occurring throughout the whole court date since I had never been in any legal trouble before. He even put my family and I in a room, so I would not have to see the guy before going in front of the judge. Mr. Taylor was able to get all charges dropped and I still can hold my head high with a clean record. He is the best and I can’t tell him enough how thankful I am.

    - Beth L.

  • Game, changer. We hired attorney Taylor for our daughter's case, and he exceeded our expectations. He came to our assistance when we needed him, made himself available for questions as the case progressed, and was true to his reputation in the court. Would definitely do business with his firm again, and would recommend him to any who need legal services. Five stars!

    - Thomas H.

  • My legal service experience with Bush & Taylor, PC was exceptional.

    My situation with the Commonwealth of Virginia caused me to worry about the choices I have made, but Mr. Bush stated from the very beginning that I should not worry and give him the opportunity to represent my best interest. And that’s exactly what Mr. Bust and team did for me; from arranging accommodating “Bond Hearing” appearances to the actual dismissal of charges. Mr. Bush and team ensured my legal needs were met and the outcome of my case was in the best interest of me.

    Job well done!!!

    - Fred R.

  • I needed help with my custody case for my two children. I was able to get everything in court ruled in my favor thanks to Mr.Bush. EXCELLENT LAWYER!!

    - K. Hamilton

  • We hired Brandon so we could get custody of my husband's son. We have a very high conflict other party and the outcome has never gone well. Well, this time it went perfect!! We got emergency custody and once we went back for the actual hearing my husband got everything he wanted including primary physical custody! I’m so happy we went with Brandon, definitely worth the money. Thank you so much!

    - Jenn B.

  • Mr. Bush advised me and talked me through my case. He was very professional and helpful throughout the entire process. I was very thankful for his help.

    - Christyna

  • About a year and a half ago I found myself in a situation where lies and false allegations were made against me that could impact my life both personally and professionally. I lived 5 hours away but felt that God directed my path to Brandon Matthews. He listened to the information I provided and not knowing me fought hard to protect me in court. Needless to say, the case was dismissed due to Brandon’s willingness to fight, intelligence, tenacity, and determination to seek justice!!! Highly recommend Brandon Matthews!!!!

    - Charlotte W.

  • I hired Brandon Mathews just over a year ago to help me with a nightmare situation with my custody and visitation case. Mr. Mathews went above and beyond the call of duty in representing me, ultimately winning 50-50 shared custody! He was extremely professional, aggressive, cost-efficient, effective and got me results that other attorneys simplify couldn’t deliver. I am so thankful that I had him in my corner fighting for me!

    - William W.

  • Mr. Bush took awesome care of me when I needed good representation. Very professional and efficient. I will definitely use Bush and Taylor law firm in the future if needed.

    - Previous Client

  • Mr. Bush was an outstanding attorney all the way through. He handled a case that seemed to change day in and day out on my side of the fence. In the end, at trial, it was handled in less than five minutes with everything being dismissed. I highly recommend him to anyone and if your military he is highly praised in this community. Thanks, Justin for everything!

    - Previous Client

  • I had been ordered to pay alimony for life in a previous decision from a divorce judge. I had Mr. Bush look into my case with all of my change of circumstances and he was able to have the decision changed. I would like to say what an awesome attorney Mr. Bush is and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.

    - Previous Client

  • Mr. Bush handled my case well. I was met with a favorable outcome due to his hard work. It was a little on the expense side, but they said you get what you pay for and he was well worth what I paid. He helped me to stay on track, gave me all his knowledge, and I could not have asked for a better lawyer. I would go back for any future legal needs that I have.

    - James C.

  • Mr. Bush and his entire team are a great choice for your family's needs. They work very hard for you, they are very prompt, and they answered all of my questions throughout my entire case within a short time. Their price was more than fair. Mr. Bush himself is who worked my case. He helped me stay on track, gave me all of his knowledge and I could not have asked for a better lawyer.

    - Josh P.

  • Mr. Bush handled our case very well. He was smart and able to answer all questions and give advice as to how to handle our situation. We were met with a favorable outcome due to his hard work

    - Will D.

  • My son was charged with reckless driving and trespassing. Mr. Bush represented my son well. He was very professional and knowledgeable of the codes and did what he had to do to win this case.

    - Previous Client

  • Justin and his firm were outstanding in their efforts to get my ticket reduced. They acted swiftly and professionally to tackle my offense in the most efficient way possible. Their service was extremely economical and I would highly recommend their services to anyone!

    - Previous Client

  • Mr. Bush did a great job communicating with me throughout my case. I hold his services in very high regard.

    - Previous Client

  • Mr. Bush was outstanding in handling our family matters. He was easy to talk to and made us feel comfortable. Follow-ups were quick and there were no hiccups in the process. I would go back for any future legal needs that I have.

    - Previous Client

  • I was involved in a serious accident and was referred to Justin Bush. I'm so glad he was working with me; the person who caused the accident had an insurance company who wouldn't respond. Mr. Bush and his team helped me through the entire process with professionalism. I couldn't be more appreciative. He knew the law and how to make a difficult and confusing process, easy.

    - Previous Client

  • Justin Bush was the third lawyer we had hired in regards to divorce and child custody. We wish we would have started with him first. He is straight to the point and his legal expertise was absolutely outstanding. He guided us and after following his instructions we won full legal and physical custody which is a major feat in the court system. We owe him gratitude that could never be fully repaid.

    - Previous Client

  • Justin was great. He was confident he could help me and he did. He was always open for communication and explained the entire process to me. I'd definitely recommend using him.

    - Previous Client

  • If like me, all you knew about lawyers was what you watched on tv shows or horror stories friends told you, Justin is the one to dispel that myth. If you pride yourself over having been a good person all your life, only to find you have stepped into a mess, Justin is the one to go visit. From the first time you sit down with him, your blood pressure goes down and your hands quit sweating so much. He exudes confidence, knowledge, and empathy without arrogance. Trust me when I say I have never written a review like this and wouldn't contemplate it unless somebody really impressed me. My wife and I hope to bump into him in a social setting in the future. Just no more courtrooms, lol.

    - Previous Client

  • I was sued by my ex-landlord after moving out of state. Mr. Bush was able to reach a settlement in my favor without my having to go back to Virginia. I am an extremely satisfied customer.

    - Previous Client

  • Justin was very professional and detailed in his explanations. He gave clear directions every step of the way for me through this unchartered territory in my life. His knowledge base for this type of law was profound. Aside from all that, his support was unwavering and I felt safe simply by having him by my side as I stood there in court. That was his expertise and it showed. We won!!!

    - Previous Client

  • Justin helped out quite a bit. I would definitely use him again!

    - Jeremy D.

  • Mr. Bush has provided me excellent service a couple of different occasions a couple of years apart. Each time when called upon Mr. Bush and his staff were very attentive to my needs along with the questions and concerns I had reference to my case. I always felt my interests were well represented and I am comfortable I always received the best possible and fairest outcome which is all I expected. I would strongly recommend Justin Bush because of his professionalism and an overall class act.

    - Previous Client

  • Starting in August 2016 I retained Mr. Matthews to represent me through a criminal trial and a divorce and custody battle. I called his firm and was directed to him. I cannot stress how wonderful he has been to work with. He made sure I was returned to my home, stayed a free man, and got to contact my children. Don't let what you hear about lawyers being sharks or vampires fool you. I highly recommend Mr. Matthews to anyone in need of a very thorough and very personable lawyer. All the stress of dealing with the courts has been drastically reduced since I began dealing with him. I have sent clients to him that are more than pleased with their outcomes as well. He is good at what he does, and his pricing is more than reasonable for the amount of work he puts into your case.

    - Previous Client

  • Justin Bush is a bulldog in the courtroom! He will take a personal approach to your case as if it were his own. Easy to communicate with and explains the process in a clear and concise manner. I would hire him again for any needs I may have in the future. Definitely worth every penny!

    - Previous Client

  • Very helpful in my time of need. True professionals and will definitely be getting my business again in the future if needed. Thank you again for everything.

    - Jason B.

  • Mr. Bush is hands down the best attorney I have dealt with. He is very aggressive and pursues the case with passion and determination. In the courtroom, I was extremely impressed with his performance. I personally feel that no other attorney could have done a better job in my case.

    - Previous Client

  • Awesome services. A true definition of a lawyer is definitely Justin Bush. Fought a 2-year divorce and custody battle with precision and determination to deliver the best results in every situation. Winning custody with his devotion in the interest of my 9-year-old son was impeccable. Always displaying a high spirit of cooperation, willingness, and attentiveness. Highly recommended. Will always be part of my life's achievements.

    - Previous Client

  • This case was the first time I had ever used a Lawyer to settle with an insurance company. Mr. Bush was friendly, understanding, knowledgable, and extremely helpful. I trusted him to take care of my case and he did an amazing job. I would recommend Mr. Bush to anyone!

    - Previous Client

  • When we first sought Mr. Bush for legal counsel I had heard he was a great lawyer. I read some reviews where people thought their lawyer was ignoring them, but Mr. Bush always got back to us in a timely manner, especially if pertinent information came up. He was extremely knowledgeable and aggressive in the courtroom. My husband and I felt really good about his ability to represent our case the best way possible. I would definitely recommend Mr. Bush to anyone in need of a lawyer.

    - Previous Client

  • Justin was great! He was able to get my ticket dismissed.

    - Jennifer D.

  • Excellent service!!! Extremely quick, prompt, and easy to work with. Mr. Bush and his staff were always available and helpful when needed.

    - Previous Client

  • My family retained Mr. Taylor for a matter involving a guardianship & conservator petition for our mother, and we have nothing but positive comments. When we initially met, he presented to us a clear picture of what we could expect, fully executed his plan, and was professional in his handling of the matters in Court. Well worth the time and money!

    - Previous Client

  • Mr. Bush is a true professional in every sense of the word, his personal service and comforting demeanor provide a very stress-free experience and peace of mind throughout the entire process. I also found His knowledge of the law to be quite exceptional, which provides the confidence that one desires when seeking legal counsel. I can't speak highly enough of his service all around. He truly is a class act, and I absolutely recommend his services as well as will continue to seek his counsel personally.

    - Previous Client