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Bond Hearings

Bond Hearings Lawyers in Suffolk

What is a Bond Hearing?

If you’ve been arrested, you’re entitled to a bond hearing within 24 hours. A bond hearing takes place in a courtroom before a judge. While it is often a somber occasion, a bond hearing is not a sentencing. During the hearing, the state will present the facts to the court and, usually, a monetary amount is determined as bond.

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What's the Purpose of a Bond Hearing?

The intention of a bond hearing is to:

  • Set the bond amount
  • Determine whether the defendant is eligible for bond
  • Lower a current bond if it is too high for the defendant to pay

Why Does Bond Get Denied?

Bond is usually set when an arrest is being processed, but occasionally bond can be denied. Usually the cause for a bond being denied is that the defendant has been deemed a flight risk or a danger to himself/herself or others. Occasionally, bond will be denied if the court suspects that the money used to pay the bond was obtained illegally.

During your bond hearing, you, as the defendant, will be given the opportunity to prove:

  • You are not a flight risk
  • You have tangible ties to the community
  • You are not a danger to yourself or others

Are Bail and Bond the Same Thing?

Though bail and bond are very similar in that they both result in temporary freedom, they are not in fact the same thing. The difference comes down to the source of the money.

Bail is the monetary amount that the defendant needs to pay in order to secure their freedom. If they, or a family member, pays bail, then they are bailed out of jail. Bonds, on the other hand, are paid by a bond company.

The defendant pays a fee and uses collateral to secure a loan. From there, a bail bondsman pays the court a portion of the bail money and guarantees the rest will be paid if the defendant flees.

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