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Sex Crimes

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Experienced Defense Against Sex Crime Charges in Virginia

Open up your social media feeds, and you’re likely to find updates on celebrities involved in sexual harassment or assault. While such news makes for sensationalistic gossip, crimes involving forced sexual contact are extremely serious in nature. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, certain sex crimes carry a mandatory 25-year prison sentence, and if convicted one can spend the rest of his or her life incarcerated.

In the event a person convicted of sexually lewd behavior receives only a fine and time served, he or she may be required to be listed in the state’s sex offender registry for a minimum of 10 years. These records are visible to employers, landlords, and schools and can affect one’s ability to find a job or buy a home.

If you or a loved one has been accused and are being charged with such an offense, you need the services of an experienced sex crimes lawyer in Suffolk.

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Types Of Sex Crimes in Virginia

Virginia Code 18.2-61 defines sexual assault as the act of sexual intercourse with another person against his/her will, whether by physical force or by taking advantage of a person’s mental or physical incapacity or minor age. Acts considered sex crimes include:

  • Sexual assault/battery — any act of sexual aggression against an unwilling partner. Examples include forcing a sexual act through violence or threats, rape, and engaging in sex with a non-consenting spouse.
  • Sexual acts against nature — any sex act with an immediate blood relative, also known as incest.
  • Sexual predation — any act where the aggressor uses sexual harassment to threaten another person. Physical and online stalking, lewd behavior, and indecent exposure are considered acts of predation.
  • Sexual abuse of minors — any sexual act with a minor (under the age of 18). Includes statutory rape, molestation, and possession of pornographic materials featuring minor children.

If you have been accused and/or arrested in Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, or the Eastern Shore for a sex crime, call Bush & Taylor, P.C. for counsel. We are professionals ready to prepare a solid strategy for your defense. Our attorneys thoroughly research every case – taking eyewitness accounts and studying evidence – and provide a thoughtful, trusting atmosphere.

What are the Penalties for Sex Crimes in Virginia?

Sex crime charges in Virginia carry significant legal consequences, often resulting in severe penalties upon conviction. It is critical to understand the potential ramifications associated with these offenses. The penalties for sex crimes differ depending on the specific charge, but common consequences may include:

  • Prison Sentences: Convictions for sex crimes may lead to lengthy prison sentences, ranging from several years to life imprisonment, depending on the severity of the particular offense.
  • Fines: Individuals convicted of sex crimes may face substantial fines, further exacerbating the financial burden associated with legal proceedings.
  • Sex Offender Registration: A conviction for certain sex crimes could require registration as a sex offender, impacting your personal and professional life. Registration may involve public disclosure of your personal information, restricting where you can live and work.
  • Probation and Parole: Courts may impose probation or parole as part of the sentencing process, subjecting individuals to strict supervision and conditions.
  • Restraining Orders: In instances involving allegations of sexual assault, a court may issue restraining orders, limiting contact with the alleged victim and potentially affecting family dynamics.

Defenses Against Sex Crime Charges

Mounting an effective defense against sex crime charges requires a thorough understanding of the law and a comprehensive approach to challenging the prosecution's case. Some common defenses against sex crime charges may include:

  • False Accusations: We can investigate the possibility of false accusations, exposing any inconsistencies or ulterior motives behind the charges.
  • Lack of Evidence: Insufficient or unreliable evidence can be a powerful defense. We can scrutinize the prosecution's case to challenge the credibility of the evidence presented.
  • Consent: In some cases, establishing that the alleged acts were consensual can be a viable defense. We can work diligently to uncover evidence supporting the presence of mutual agreement.
  • Violation of Rights: If law enforcement had violated your constitutional rights at the time of the arrest, we can aggressively challenge any evidence obtained unlawfully.
  • Alibi: Providing a strong alibi can be a compelling defense, demonstrating that you were not present at the location or time of the alleged incident.
  • Mistaken Identity: We can explore the possibility of mistaken identity, questioning the reliability of eyewitness testimony and seeking evidence that may exonerate you.

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