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Grounds For Divorce in Virginia

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When people decide to go through with a divorce, they usually have a specific reason. Sometimes it is simple as the marriage not working out, or one spouse could have cheated on the other. The more formal terminology for this concept is “grounds for divorce.” There are fault or no-fault-based divorces within these grounds, which impact the process.

Bush & Taylor, P.C. can help explain the grounds for divorce in Virginia, helping you understand the differences.

Fault Divorces

A fault-based divorce essentially means that you have proof that your spouse has done something that has directly caused the end of your marriage. There are pros to filing for this type of divorce, as it can quicken the process. However, you must be able to prove the faults for divorce, making it necessary to have an experienced attorney in your corner.

Fault-based reasons for divorce in Virginia include:

  • Adultery or infidelity

  • Emotional or physical abuse and cruelty

  • Abandonment or desertion

  • Imprisoned for one or more years

No-Fault Divorces

In a no-fault divorce, a person does not have to have a specific reason for wanting to end their marriage with their spouse. It could simply be that the relationship is no longer working out or their goals no longer align.

In Virginia, however, there is one essential requirement to file for this type of divorce. The couple must live apart from one another for at least one year to proceed.

There is a possibility to reduce this to 6 months by entering a separation agreement; however, this is only an option for couples who do not have minor children.

Have A Reliable Attorney In Your Corner

Bush & Taylor, P.C. understands that the rules and regulations regarding divorce can be confusing. Our team can help you determine what type of divorce you qualify for, as well as if you meet the necessary qualifications.

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