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Getting Ready to File For Divorce

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Are you considering filing for divorce in 2022? There are many factors to negotiate when going through the process, which may leave some individuals feeling overwhelmed or anxious about what to do next; however, having a team of attorneys on your side can help you prepare for the steps in filing for a divorce.

Bush & Taylor, P.C. is here to explain and provide tips on what you can do to make this process much smoother.

Take Care of Finances

This is one of the most important steps in getting ready for a divorce. As you separate from your spouse, you should move forward in closing any combined or joint bank accounts that you may have. Establishing your own accounts will allow you to build your own lines of credit, as well as delegate appropriate funds to any potential legal fees that you may incur throughout the process. One great way to prepare for a divorce is to start saving money in your own bank account early.

Acquire Documentation

Another important step in filing for your divorce is to acquire and organize all necessary documentation. For example, you will need paperwork that demonstrates your income. This could come in the form of compiled paystubs or tax returns. Other important documentation may include proof of ownership for any separate assets that you had prior to your marriage. This can be accomplished through receipts, written letters, or other formal documents such as wills.

Find Your Support System

As you tackle your divorce, you may find that you will need more support. Whether this is through friends or other family members, having individuals to help you when needed is critical for a smooth divorce process. If you have children, you may need individuals to help supervise or watch them during meetings with attorneys or court dates. If you find yourself feeling emotionally overwhelmed, this support system can also help you process difficult feelings.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal during your divorce can help you stay organized amidst all of the stress and obligations you have to attend to. It can be a place for writing down important dates, such as meetings with your attorney or appearances in court. If you have negative interactions with your spouse, which could impact your case, you could also document them here. Another great use of a journal is to take time to write out your feelings about the divorce, instead of taking to the internet.

Stay Smart With Social Media

As you go through your divorce process, consider how you want to utilize social media during this time. What you put on the internet can easily be documented by others and circulated, even after you delete it. While you may be tempted to make negative posts and statements about your spouse, you should avoid doing so. This harsh content can change the trajectory of your case, bolstering any arguments that your spouse may have against you.

Find Legal Representation

It is true that an attorney is not required to go through with a divorce; however, that does not mean you should do so. Having an attorney retained can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case, helping you reach the best outcome possible. Furthermore, they can assist you in navigating each step of the process. For example, if you have difficulties in asset division, an attorney can help you trace ownership as well as strive for a fair split of property.

Bush & Taylor, P.C. Is Here

If you are looking for a team of family law attorneys that will fight for you, Bush & Taylor, P.C. is here to help. We pride ourselves on helping our clients reach their desired outcomes and helping them navigate through their divorce, no matter how difficult.


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