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Conquering Co-Parenting

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It’s normal to struggle with co-parenting as newly divorced parents. However, you can make co-parenting work and go into your new roles confidently for the wellbeing of your children with these tips.

Follow these do’s and don’ts to improve your co-parenting relationship with your ex.

Do: Accept Different Parenting Styles

Now that you and your ex are divorced, you may begin to notice that their parenting style is a little different from yours. You can get through your new co-parenting relationship by accepting that their style is different and understanding that their role may help your children learn different values and beliefs.

Don’t: Criticise Your Ex In Front of Your Children

Being negative about your ex and their role as a parent in your child’s life can have an impact on your child’s relationship with their other parent. Avoid speaking ill about your ex or downplaying their relationship with your child. Let your child make their own decisions about their relationship with your ex.

Do: Create a Parenting Plan

You and your ex can work together to create a parenting plan you both agree with. A parenting plan can define what you do with your child on weekdays, weekends, holidays, or birthdays. This will help you and your ex have a plan that you can stick to and minimize future conflicts and disagreements.

Don’t: Make Accusations Against Your Ex

One of the last things you should do is start an argument with your ex about something they may have done or said about your custody agreement, or anything else. Instead, try to communicate your emotions effectively and tell your ex about issues you may have with something they said.

Do: Contact a Child Custody Attorney

If you still have issues with your custody case that need to be resolved, you should rely on an attorney to help you. Our attorneys at Bush & Taylor, P.C. can assist you with modifying your current custody agreement. Call us today at (757) 926-0078 to begin your child custody modifications.