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The Role of Therapy in Child Custody Cases

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The role of therapy in child custody cases cannot be understated.  Increasingly in child custody disputes children are being taken to see licensed clinical social workers (LCSW’s) or actual child physiologists for therapy. The reason for this is that very often children in these cases need to express their feelings and anxiety regarding the dispute between their parents. While the primary reason for treatment of children in these situations is for the betterment of the children themselves, the therapists which are consulted are very often brought into court to testify regarding the reasons for the therapy, and the actions of the parties.

For experienced family law attorneys, these mental health experts can be a powerful ally in obtaining a positive outcome for their clients. In general, these individuals can offer opinions about bonding, the effect that each parent’s actions are having on the child, and in most instances even testify regarding what the child has said to them about their parents and their parent’s actions. All of this information can be essential in determining a child custody case.

The difference between having an expert witness who is an ally and one that is an enemy is very often the quality of the family law attorney that you employ. At Bush & Taylor, our family law attorneys have handled countless child custody cases involving mental health experts.  We understand how to advise our clients regarding their interactions with their children’s therapists.  We also understand how to use these individuals to our client’s advantage in their custody cases.