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Can I Keep My Child Away From My Ex's New Partner?

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The breakdown of a marriage often has far-reaching ramifications for the entire family unit. It’s obviously a difficult thing to go through, particularly when children are involved. Aside from the emotions being processed, there may be legal matters to contend with as well — and one potential issue could be preventing interactions between your child/children and their other parent's new partner.

What Laws Protect a Parent's Right to Limit Interactions Between Children & an Ex's Partner?

As parents, it is understandable to want to maintain some degree of control after a divorce. While the law can be complicated, there are options available that allow parents to limit their children's interactions with an ex’s new partner or spouse.

On a national level, most family law states offer some level of protection when it comes to directly or indirectly preventing interference with parental rights and time-sharing by third parties. For example, court orders may be issued that designate visitation timelines and enforce them through the assistance of local and state agencies. Such laws could provide a viable route for prohibiting negative interactions between a child and a parent's new partner. However, navigating these issues will require careful consideration from professionals in family law, and should always be worked through under the auspices of an attorney.

What Could be the Consequences If a Parent Denies Contact with an Ex's New Partner?

When setting boundaries in the aftermath of a divorce or separation, it is important to consider possible legal frameworks that may arise due to prolonging the divide between parent and child.

To ensure that the welfare of their children remains the priority, parents must take the initiative to create guidelines regarding whom their children interact with and when those interactions take place.

A seasoned attorney will account for factors such as the length of prior relationships and age appropriateness to create interactions that are amicable for all parties following a divorce/separation. That said, it is important to remember that prohibiting your children from seeing your ex when they are around a new partner can also have legal ramifications for your relationship to your children, including affecting custody and visitation, and in serious cases, even termination of parental rights. Research has shown that connecting parents to experts and support groups can be of great help in understanding the best way forward in these cases.

Contact an Attorney for a Better Future

It is ultimately up to the parent to make an informed decision about interactions between their children and their ex's new partner. No matter what path parents choose, they will have to take responsibility for the consequences. For parents who need help during this difficult time Bush & Taylor, P.C. is here to provide assistance. Backed by over 30 years of combined experience, our attorneys will go above and beyond to find a solution that is suitable for you, your children, and your ex.

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