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Is Withholding Visitation a Crime?

Is Withholding Visitation a Crime?

Visitation withholding is an issue that has become increasingly present in custody disagreements over time. This occurs when a parent, following an established custody agreement, intentionally denies the other parent their allocated visitation time with a child.

Withholding visitation is a serious matter, not only for the violated parent who isn't able to have meaningful contact with their child, but also for the child themselves, who are denied necessary familial bonds. It is important to know the law, so you understand your rights as a parent, and never risk compromising valuable time with your child.

Legislation on Visitation Withholding

Following a court ordered custody agreement, it is illegal for a parent to refuse visitation per the stipulations of said agreement. Depending on the severity and what state you live in, the punishment may range from counseling and parental courses to hefty fines, probation, and possible jail time for non-compliance. As such, it is essential for those affected by this situation to understand their legal rights and take necessary steps toward protecting themselves and their children from harm.

How to Handle a Parent Who Refuses to Abide Their Custody Agreement

When a parent refuses to abide by their custody agreement, it can be an enormously difficult situation for everyone involved. Make sure to seek legal counsel if this type of behavior is occurring in your life, and document any attempts made to contact the other parent or enforce the current agreement. Preparation is key: get familiar with your state's laws, understand what local resources are available, and abide by any protocols set forth in any existing agreements concerning child visitation rights. Taking these crucial steps can help better ensure that your relationship with your children will not be impeded by your ex’s violation of a legal agreement.

Contact an Attorney Regarding Visitation Withholding Today

Visitation withholding can have serious consequences, but the potential outcomes should not overshadow the importance of maintaining peaceful relationships between co-parents. Withholding due to personal grudges does happen, but it is not uncommon for custody agreements to be violated on accident either. In these cases, it is also a good idea to seek legal representation, who can work to prove you did not act with malicious intent. At Bush & Taylor, P.C., our goal is to be by your side in all major family law matters. Contact us today to learn more about child custody and visitation, and remember that you do not have to go through this process alone.

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