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Types of Adoption in Virginia | Bush & Taylor, P.C.

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Ways to Adopt in Virginia

Are you interested in adopting a child in Virginia? Adoption is one of the best choices you can make as prospective adoptive parents.

In Virginia, there are four different ways you can choose to adopt that fit your situation and interests.

The two most common types of adoption are called private placement and step-parent adoptions. While these are the most common, the other types of adoptions include adoption through agencies and the foster care program.

Private Placement Adoption

This type of adoption allows the natural parents to place their children with you as the adoptive parent if they choose to. With private placement adoption, you and the natural parents can go through an adoption agency to place your adopted child with you directly.

You can begin the process of private placement adoption once you’ve been given consent by the child’s natural parents or legal guardian. We suggest you consult with a family law attorney with a practice area in adoption to begin the legal process of being appointed as the new guardian of the child.

Agency Adoption

An agency is a licensed business or government agency that helps place children with a new adoptive parent. When working with an agency, you should always consult with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to read and explain contracts and find the right agency for you.

Step-Parent Adoption

With step-parent adoptions, if you are recently divorced, your spouse passed, or your ex doesn’t have parental rights of your child, and you are the natural parent, your new husband or wife can seek adoption.

To begin a step-parent adoption, a family law attorney with experience in helping newly divorced and newlywed couples through the adoption process can assist you and your ex with writing a letter of consent for the child to be adopted by your new spouse.

Foster Care Adoption

This type of adoption is for you if you would like to foster a child and adopt them through the foster care system. This process can be lengthy and the child’s natural parents would be required to terminate their parental rights.

Multiple court proceedings would be necessary to complete a foster care adoption and you would need to work with the Department of Social Services while the children are in your care.

Contact a Suffolk Family Law Attorney

We are professional family law attorneys who understand the complexities of adoption in Virginia. Our legal team at Bush & Taylor, P.C. has extensive experience with helping families weave through the legal aspects of private and agency adoptions and understand the difference between all options available.

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