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How to Be a Better Co-Parent After a Divorce (Infographic)

How to be a better co-parent text with graphic of mom and daughter

Don't Put Your Child in the Middle

Never put your child in the middle of conflict between you and your ex-spouse. This includes bad-mouthing your ex, making your child be the messenger, and trying to gain information about your ex from them.

Be Consistent

Co-parents should be flexible, but they don’t need to have the exact same perspectives on parenting styles. However, there are a few things that each parent should be on the same page about, including: discipline, schedules, and rules. There should be some kind of routine where the child doesn’t get confused by radically different parenting methods.

Work Together

As you co-parent, you and your ex are bound to disagree over certain issues. Try to be respectful and be open to communicating calmly over these problems. Discuss these differences away from your child, and if possible come to a compromise.

Focus on Your Child's Happiness

To be a successful co-parent, you have to put your own feelings aside for your children’s sake. This can be incredibly difficult when working with an ex-spouse, but learning how to work together with your ex, rather than letting your emotions dictate how you act, will ensure your child’s best interests are protected.

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