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Is Your Job Killing Your Marriage?


A number of different things can plague a marriage. One of the more common things that make a marriage stressful is the job. There can be a lot of various conflicts in these areas, and a family law attorney makes be needed if there is a dissolution of the marriage. Our Suffolk divorce lawyers examine some of the most common reasons why your job may be putting a strain on your marriage. 

The Growing Need For Money

Some spouses even get a second job because there is a strong need for more money. They may not have the desire to work both full time and a part-time job, but there may be a growing need for cash. They may have no choice. When money is tight inside of the home, it may cause arguments, and this argument can escalate. It is at these times that couples may consider divorce, and this is when the need for a child custody attorney arises.

These can become stressful times. Couples may take a look at the options that they have for a family law attorney to see what their next steps should be. The marriage may just not be feasible anymore because of this type of strain that has been presented from the job.

Job Schedules

In a large number of cases, it becomes harder to maintain communication when the job is putting the partners on different schedules. There are couples with a marriage where this schedule is entirely different from that of their partner. They may have a second or third shift job that causes them to have very little time to spend with their spouse. It is at these times that there may be a search for a child custody attorney that can assist when it comes to the children and visitations.

No spouse wants to be in a place where they are denied the right to see their children. This is why those that are in need should reach out for assistance with Bush & Taylor. These are the law professionals that can be reached for issues involving family law. They can provide support and give insight to those that are unsure about the course of action that should be taken when a marriage has fallen apart because of their jobs.

If you are struggling with your marriage and considering divorce, contact Bush & Taylor today at (757) 926-0078.

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