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Resolving Disputes Regarding Children Impacts Child Custody Cases

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The ability to resolve disputes is a significant factor for a court to consider in awarding custody of a minor child. In child custody cases, judges in Virginia are called upon to apply the facts of a case to enumerated factors laid out in the Code of Virginia. It may seem completely counterintuitive when two people have resorted to having their child’s life impacted by a stranger, but the ability of the two parents to resolve disputes is a significant factor for a court to consider. Numerous child custody cases are won or lost based on the simple fact that one parent has the inability to compromise and make joint parenting decision with the other.

Examples of behavior that qualifies under this factor are numerous. The inability to communicate and agree regarding a child’s: schedule, schooling, medication, visitation, and dates, pick up and drop off times are just some examples of behavior that can cost a parent the custody of their child. Child custody orders are black and white and cut and dry. Raising a child is not. When problems arise, the ability of two parents to compromise can be a challenge. This is especially true when the two parents don’t like each other.

The skill to demonstrate to a court that one parent is the source of disagreement is a powerful tool. The lawyers at Bush & Taylor have that skill. Put their talent to work for you and your child.

See what the Virginia Code says about resolving disputes regarding children: