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Most Common Reasons Couples Divorce

Filing for divorce is not an unusual process at this point. Many people know others in their life or have personally gone through a separation. However, this does not mean that each divorce is not unique. Individuals usually have their own particular reason for going through a divorce.

While this list is non-exhaustive, the end of a marriage usually encompasses one or more of these reasons for divorce. The below infographic provides a quick overview of the most common reasons for separation, making them easy to understand.

1. Incompatibility

Sometimes in marriages, people will begin to notice all of the differences that exist between one another. Or differences will develop during the marriage, influencing one individual’s desire to end the marriage. For example, maybe one spouse wants to move to a new city, completely uprooting your shared life.

Another potential point of incompatibility that can cause issues is religion, especially if you are no longer allowed to practice your faith openly and equally. Your goals in life could also change over time, resulting in different desires and wishes between spouses.

2. Infidelity

Cheating is still one of the most common reasons for divorce in America. When people have affairs, it is difficult to mend the relationship and feel the same as before. This is not to say that it can’t be done, but instances of infidelity often result in divorce.

Nowadays, people also have to consider other forms of cheating that can occur. Physical affairs are not necessarily the only type of cheating that a spouse can commit. For example, people can also engage in emotional affairs. Individuals can form deep, meaningful connections with people other than their spouse, negatively affecting the marriage.

3. Finances

While money itself is never the direct cause of a divorce, finances are a stressful subject for many. Thinking about money, spending, and budgeting can contribute to a hostile marital environment. Furthermore, sometimes individuals have differences in spending habits, which can lead to separation. Spouses who like to spend may also do so secretively, hiding receipts and other pieces of evidence. This type of financial secrecy can cause a marriage to break down over time.

Furthermore, people can also feel insecure in the amounts of money they bring into the relationship. For example, women are now earning more in the workplace, as well as landing better-paying positions. Instances such as this can also contribute to issues within marriages.

4. Communication

Struggles with communication can manifest in many different ways. Sometimes partners can communicate in ways that are hurtful and damage your self-esteem. Not speaking is another issue in and of itself. For example, if you stop letting your partner know how you feel about issues, problems will continue to worsen. If other issues have occurred in the marriage, such as infidelity, you may not feel comfortable discussing things openly with your partner anymore.

5. Addictions

Addiction is not limited to substance. Individuals can become addicted to many different things, which can completely change their priorities. If your partner is addicted, you may find that you are no longer the most essential part of their life. Instead, they may spend all of their time with their addiction, whatever it may be. Feeling undervalued and not supported in the marriage can and often contributes to proceeding with a divorce.

6. Emotional or Physical Abuse

Unfortunately, abuse is still a common reason for divorce in the United States. Many individuals note that emotional and physical abuse develops over time, becoming worse as the marriage progresses. Sometimes couples will fall into patterns of abuse, where a partner either emotionally or physically harms the other but feels guilt and remorse. While they may apologize for the isolated event, the patterns of abuse will likely continue.

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