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How to Support a Friend While They Are Getting Divorced

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Watching a loved one struggle to cope with their divorce can be difficult. Now more than ever, they need to know they have a support system to help them through this time in their lives.

Invite Them to Hang Out

It’s very common to feel lonely after a divorce. In groups of couples, sometimes people can feel like they can no longer be around their friends without their significant other being there. Other times, people just don’t have the energy to socialize and make plans with others. However, right now it’s more important than ever for them to know that they are not alone.

Always invite them to your normal friend outings. Additionally, you can offer to spend time with them in more relaxed ways. Offer to come over to their house and watch a movie or take them out to dinner. If they don’t want to join that’s okay but even the invite can help them feel like they are not going to be isolated just because they are no longer married.

Help Them Pack

If your loved one is moving out of their marital home, offer to help them move. Relocating from your home is difficult. Not only can it be strenuous physical work, but it is also an emotional process, especially after a divorce. Going through their belongings and sorting through items they once shared with their spouse can be a draining experience.

By helping them with this task, you can provide comfort which will help get their mind off of the divorce. The company will remind them that they are not alone and be a much-needed distraction during this time.

Listen to Them

It’s crucial for people that are going through a divorce to have a support system. However, talking about divorce isn’t easy. It’s a sensitive issue that can make people feel very vulnerable. If your friend speaks to about their divorce and how they are feeling, they likely trust you a lot.

When they open up and talk about it, just listen to them. Refrain from inputting your opinion and telling them what they should be doing, and never badmouth their ex. You might think it’s helping them, but in reality, that’s not what they need right now. It could also keep them from talking to you in the future about it, especially if they are feeling judged. The best thing you can do is hear them out and validate their emotions.


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