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Father with children

GAL’s in Child Custody Cases

In the vast majority of all child custody cases in Virginia, the court will appoint a guardian ad litem or “GAL” to represent the best interests of the minor child or children whose custody or visitation is at issue (see Virginia Code § 16.1-266).  The guardian ad litem is a licensed attorney who has the authority to speak directly to all parties and to the children, and who can call witnesses and present evidence at the trial of the case on the children’s behalf.  The Guardian also makes a recommendation to the court as to what they feel is in the child’s best interest.  Hiring a lawyer such as the lawyers at Bush & Taylor who have a positive working relationship with the guardian ad litem in a particular child custody case is essential to obtaining a positive result.

View the Virginia Supreme Court’s website to learn more about the GAL program and the standards that govern their performance in court.