Firearm Offenses

Any person charged with committing a firearm offense in Virginia could receive a severe penalty if found guilty. This could range from an expensive fine to a multi-year prison sentence. If you own a gun, it’s important to stay updated on state gun laws so you stay within the legal limits. At Bush & Taylor, we understand sometimes things happen that lead good people into problematic situations.

People choose to own guns for many reasons. Whether you enjoy hunting or simply want a means to protect your family and home, you may see ownership of a gun as a necessity. You may own a gun for years and never use it; however, if you find yourself in trouble because of a firearm it’s important to have an experienced Virginia Beach lawyer on your side.

When do you need a Hampton Roads criminal defense lawyer to handle your firearm offense case? While Article 1, Section 13 of the state constitution protects your right to bear arms, one must still abide by all gun laws in the Commonwealth. Illegal possession of a firearm is a felony with a possible penalty of jail time.

If you have defended yourself in an assault that led to injury and/or death, you risk charges depending on the situation. If firearms are involved, any jail time you face multiplies. Warning off an intruder or violent partner with a gun, even if you don’t shoot it, could mean legal trouble for you.

In these or other situations, call on the professionals at Bush & Taylor of Virginia Beach, Suffolk, and the Eastern Shore of Virginia to handle your case. We will provide a strong defense in your firearms case.