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Warning Signs of an Approaching Divorce

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How do you know when your marriage is over? It can be a painful and challenging question to answer, but in the majority of cases, the end doesn't come without a few warning signs. Examine your situation and ask yourself these questions to determine if a divorce is approaching.

Do You Avoid Conversations With Your Spouse?

While not wanting to argue is entirely understandable, the fact is that marriage takes work and the ability to confront issues head-on. If you look for ways to avoid talking to your spouse, this is a sign of a serious communication issue within your marriage.

Have You Stopped Talking About Your Future?

While it's great to live in the here and now, if you aren't sharing thoughts regarding the future you see as a couple, then chances are you don't see yourselves lasting that long. It's important to know that the two of you are headed in the same direction down the road.

Have Your Priorities Changed?

When you got married, maybe you discussed children and how involved your extended families would be, or perhaps you didn't. Figuring out how those issues play into your marriage is a massive part of a successful partnership.

Therefore, if one of you wants kids and lots of visits from your relatives while the other one does not, this turns into a life-changing disagreement, and you should consider consulting a family law attorney, and if you have children, a child custody attorney.

Has Intimacy Disappeared?

If your spouse seems too distant to focus on your needs, or vice versa, there may be a concern that those needs are being met elsewhere. If you suspect there is someone else, you have to decide whether to try to revive the spark or let it go.

Are You Ready for Divorce?

If you've decided that your marriage might be over, you'll need to take steps to protect yourself, as well as your children, if applicable. Consulting with a skilled Suffolk divorce lawyer is in your best interest. At Bush & Taylor, P.C., we are dedicated to protecting our client’s best interests during this difficult time.

Find out how our Suffolk divorce attorneys can help you figure out your options today by calling us at (757) 926-0078.

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