Domestic and Family Law

With family law, we know the importance of having an experienced domestic Suffolk and Virginia Beach attorney who remains sensitive to everyone involved. Our entire team of caring professionals can handle a range of domestic issues including paternity determination, child custody, divorce, legal separation and visitation. When you need a domestic lawyer in Suffolk or Virginia Beach, call the Law Offices of Bush & Taylor.

When your family has troubles, it can feel lonely. Don’t bottle it all up, contact an experienced Suffolk domestic attorney. We will listen to your side of the story, and we know how to put domestic law to work for you. If you live in Suffolk and need a domestic lawyer, we hope you will turn to us. We are the local law firm, the attorneys on your side. We at Bush & Taylor will work tirelessly to make certain that you know that. Trust the Suffolk and Virginia Beach domestic lawyers and attorneys that never back down from a case.

Domestic Litigation Practice Areas include:

Please contact the law offices of Bush & Taylor in Suffolk and Virginia Beach, VA with all your questions about domestic and family law. Fill out our contact form and make an appointment with domestic and family law professionals. Don’t wait, contact an experienced domestic attorney in Suffolk and Virginia Beach today!