Juvenile Delinquency

teenager under arrest

What happens when a minor is charged with a crime in Suffolk or Virginia Beach? The result depends on a number of factors, including the seriousness of the offense, the circumstances under which the defendant was involved, and the competence of his/her defense attorney. Children and teenagers are no strangers to peer pressure and temptation, especially in Hampton Roads, and the degree to which one falls astray can mean the difference between being tried as a juvenile or as an adult, and seeing your child placed on probation or sent to a juvenile correction center, or “juvie.”

It’s important to have a focused, experienced Virginia Beach defense lawyer on your side when your child is arrested and charged with wrongdoing. The legal team at Bush & Taylor are ready to assist in any cases involving a defendant under the age of eighteen.

Common crimes associated with juvenile delinquency include underage possession of alcohol and/or DUI, possession of drugs, vandalism of property, and even serious crimes like assault and theft. Curfew violations, especially in Virginia Beach, can also cause legal problems for your child.

When you contact a Bush & Taylor attorney specializing in juvenile defense, we will examine your child’s case, everything from physical evidence to eyewitness accounts where applicable and offer a solid defense to avoid a serious conviction. Don’t let an incompetent lawyer determine your child’s future, call us today.