Regardless of the circumstances, taking another person’s life has serious repercussions. Homicide is defined as the act of killing any human being, and if you have been arrested in Virginia Beach or Suffolk following a homicide it’s important to know the extent of the charges of against of you. For starters, not every person who commits homicide has committed an unlawful killing. This is why you need an aggressive, knowledgeable attorney to assist you in such matters.

Types of Homicide

The experienced defense legal team at Bush & Taylor are prepared to investigate client involvement in Suffolk or Virginia Beach-based homicide. We will research evidence and eyewitness accounts, where applicable, to build a strong case in your favor. Contact our Hampton Roads criminal attorneys for more information on defense against:

First Degree Murder: The most serious of all homicide charges, first degree murder involves premeditation and intent to kill. In many cases, the perpetrator is familiar with the victim.

Second Degree Murder or Voluntary Manslaughter: Commonly known as a “crime of passion” where a spontaneous action leads to a person’s death. Assaults that result in a person’s death may be classified as second degree.

Manslaughter: Criminally negligent and/or reckless behavior can lead to a person getting killed. Involuntary manslaughter crimes may include fatal DUI accidents or accidental discharge of a weapon.

Justifiable Homicide: In cases of self-defense where a would-be victim kills someone intending to commit robbery, assault, or rape, a court of law may rule the death justified. We strongly recommend counsel to assist you in such situations.

Wrongful Death: Such civil suits occur when the family of a deceased person bring charges against a person they believe is responsible for their loved one’s death. A criminal court may find the defendant not guilty of a crime, but a civil wrongful death suit could result in a large payout if a jury is convinced the defendant is at fault.

When you become involved in a situation that results in a person’s death, you feel the stigma of doubt surround you. Law enforcement may tell one story, and witnesses another, which is why it’s crucial to have professional help on your side. If you are innocent of homicide or manslaughter yet accused, the law office of Bush & Taylor will work to clear your name. We’ll uncover the evidence needed, interview everyone involved in the case, and present a solid argument for dropping charges or acquittal in trial.

If you have been arrested in conjunction with an unlawful killing, contact a Virginia Beach criminal attorney with Bush & Taylor. We are focused and dedicated to exposing the truth in the most serious of homicide cases and will prepare a solid defense.